7 Best Spots to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Paris

When spring comes, Paris opens up a marvelous show full of colors. Similarly to Japan, it is the time where streets, parks, and palaces dress up in beautiful pink cherry blossoms. Discover with me the 7 best spots to enjoy cherry blossoms in Paris, to be there before they are gone with the wind.

I have a soft spot for cherry blossoms since the time I have lived in Japan. I know Paris still has a long way to become Tokyo or Kyoto. But there are already dozens of great places when in Spring, the typical French elegance lits up with the beauty of sakuras. And as I had a chance to visit the city of love exactly at this time of the year, I have decided to share with you my favorite 7 spots for cherry blossoms in Paris.

My 7 favorite spots to enjoy cherry blossoms in Paris

An important thing to note before we start. A lot of people tend to mistaken cherry blossoms for magnolias. These are much bigger and bloom more or less at the same time. Despite magnolias being extremely beautiful, today, I will be talking solely about cherry blossoms.

In general, cherry blossoms in Paris begin to bloom at the end of February/beginning of March and last through April. But it actually varies from year to year. In 2019, the blossoms at Notre Dame were out in full force by the end of March (and at the same time, Magnolias around the city were already almost gone).

Katie’s tip: Invest some time into doing some research on Google or Instagram beforehand, so you don’t happen to arrive at a popular spot and find only bare trees.


Trocadero has some beautiful beautiful cherry trees. But its biggest attraction is the chance to enjoy them with a great view of the Eiffel Tower. The bad side is that you definitely won’t be the only one with that idea. So be prepared that even if you come early, you might need to queue for the best spots with other Instagrammers, wedding photographers or just with regular tourists. My favorite spot at Trocadero would be in its bottom part. It is very close to the fairytale carousel, which makes for a perfect background.

Notre Dame

Probably the best spot for cherry blossoms in Paris is located on the right side of the Notre Dame cathedral at square Jean XXII. The cherry trees are nicely clustered together, creating a beautiful “sea of blossoms” effect. There are also many benches around to sit down and relax. Unfortunately, the Cathedral suffered major damage in a fire on 15th April 2019 and it will take years to return it into its old shape. Luckily, it seems the cherry trees managed to survive the fire and the place still has a special charm.

Falguière metro station

Falguire metro station fits perfectly the definition of a hidden gem. A fairly unostentatious and modest place in the heart of the 15th district, it hides one of the cutest cherry blossoms scenes in the city. I love the classical art nouveau Parisian metro signs and together with the blooming cherries, they make for a magical combination.

Square Gabriel Pierné

Square Gabriel Pierné is actually another quiet place, located just behind the Institute de France. Not only that you won’t have to deal with annoying crowds, but the dome of the Institute is a great background for both any picture.

Shakespeare and Co. bookstore

Shakespeare and Co. is the most famous English language bookstore in Paris. And batter than that, it has its own cherry blossom trees just in front of the door. It is a really cool place for every bookworm even without the cherry blossoms and the blooming trees will only make you enjoy it even better.

Jardin de Plantes

Jardin des Plantes is a huge garden that even has its own botanic greenhouse. But most of all, you can find there one gigantic tree branches reaching almost to the ground, so you can surround yourself with dreamy pink cherry blossoms.

Petit Palais

To be honest, the Petit Palais basically has just one cherry tree. Despite that, it still belongs among my favorites. I simply love the area around Pont Alexandre III and the Champs Elysees. And this tree is not just beautiful, but it neighbors with a charming flower bed playing with all colors.

Let me hear from you

Paris is a place of beauty a in the springtime, cherry blossoms start to appear all around the city to decorate it like a natural jewel. I have summed up for you my 7 favorite places to enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Paris. But I am sure you can find a dozen others. Be sure to let me know which are your favorite in the comments section below!

Love, Katie

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