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Welcome to Katie’s Postcard

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Katie’s Postcard! My name is Katerina and I am 29 years old girl coming from the very center of Europe – the Czech Republic. Not a long time ago, I was still just an ordinary office girl leading an ordinary life in Prague. But everything suddenly changed when I met the love of my life – Miky.

Just a few moments after we met, he told me he is leaving for work in Japan and disappeared on the horizon. So I made the biggest decision in my life – I left everything behind and boarded a one-way flight to Tokyo. Soon after, we got married on a beautiful beach in Bali. And after few more months in Japan, we were heading for 8 months long honeymoon across all Asia.

At this moment, I am already back in Europe, but traveling and adventures still make for a fundamental part of my life. And I have found Katie’s Postcard to share this important part of me with you. Do you want to learn more about my journey? Just keep on reading.

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Katie on Bali's beach

Why Katie’s Postcard

When you receive a postcard these days, you know the person who sent it had to make a special effort. In the times where all you need to do is type a short text message on your smartphone, he or she has sacrificed a piece of their precious holiday time to select the card, write it by hand and carry it to the mailbox. To me, postcards are a way how to let the ones you love know they are still in your heart, even when they are hundreds of kilometers away.

As nice it would be, I cannot send a postcard to all of you. Nevertheless, I at least want to share the best experiences, tips, recommendations, and stories from my travels here on my blog, so I can bring inspiration and a smile on the face of everyone who gives it the chance and read it.

Who is Katie’s Postcard for

Katie’s Postcard is a travel and lifestyle blog aiming at young women and couples who enjoy traveling for the sake of traveling and not just for holidays. I want to spark your curiosity and passion for discovering different places, cultures, and experiences, especially when you never really thought they were important to you before. I owe traveling so much for opening my eyes and changing the way I see life, and I am sure it can help you the same way as well.

I am a girl and when I am traveling, I also want to keep feeling as one. I want to feel feminine, comfortable, safe and dress elegantly and fashionably. Yes, I like wearing sweatpants, but when I am back home watching TV on Sunday evening, not when walking the streets of the French Riviera or exploring the temples of Angkor. I want to keep myself away from trouble, but I always look for the most unique and unusual experience the place I am visiting can offer.

I believe you can achieve all the above mentioned and travel in comfort and style even on a budget. If you can find yourself in my words, then Katie’s Postcard is exactly the right place for you.

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